*Corn Wallace Hall of Fame
Corn Wallace                      
Check out past members of the band.
From our Hall of Fame .... One of
our great vocalist/drummers,
Tim Reinford  2009 to 2011 and
former guitarist/vocalist, Wally
Medic. 2007 to 2010.
Miss those guys and the
fantastic job they did.
Mike Corica -- A very talented singer and
drummer played with the CWB 2012 to 2013
Brian Gardner -- Very talented
drummer and singer  played with
CWB summer of 2011
We like to keep you informed about who has been so gracious to lend
their wonderful talents to forming Corn Wallace for a time We have
enjoyed working with each and every member who has come our way. We
hope to get a Wall of Fame page to put all of you on it. Just to know how
we got to where we are now. We take this time, as well, to thank you for
all the hard work you put into this band. Keep Rockin", Brian Gardner,
drummer and vocalist -- 2011.   
August 2014
vocals, percussion, a good
friend and a great singer.
Drummer/Vocalist Above.
Mike Corica played in the
group from 2012 to 2013. He
worked with many bands and
was an asset to TCWB with
his high harmony.
Founding member of TCWB
from 2007 to 2010. Picture to
Lead guitar player, Ric good
vocalist. 2007 to 2013. And
again in 2015 to 2016.
Drums, Vocals,
Stick flipper, Showman
Vocals, percussion, slide guitar
Guitar, Keyboard
& Vocals, Lights,
Sound, Graphic
artist, Fog
machine operator
& Van driver